DooxCMS (1)
Doox Content Management system
DooxSHOP (0)
Doox Ecommerce shopping cart system
DooxVOIP (0)
Doox VOIP teleco billing solution
Is the license a life time license? Do I have to pay any additional fees?
The license you purchase is a lifetime license, and you do NOT need to pay license fees...
Do I need root access to install this?
No, you do not need root access to install some Dooxsoft product, just FTP access.
Can I modify the look and feel of my Dooxsoft driven site?
Yes, Dooxsoft can be modified to match your design, look and feel. It uses a very flexible...
Does Dooxsoft support other languages?
Yes, Dooxsoft has in built support for changing character set information via the settings...
Does this product require users to download a browser plug-in?
No, all Dooxsoft products are completely self contained and require no outside plug-in's or add-ons.